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The “Losers” of WOC Fitness is a weight loss support group. Our program consists of a weekly weigh in, an explanation of the tracking program we use, fitness tips and a meeting that encourages sharing of successes and issues. You don’t have to be Great to start, but you have to start to be great.

I started my journey to lose weight in July 2011 after being frustrated with my growing size and some health issues. Lost the first 25 lbs pretty easily and without exercise. I soon found out that exercise was going to be the key to not only lose the rest of the weight but more important to keep it off. I started searching for a gym and got very lucky to find WOC Fitness, where the staff was helpful in getting me started. Fast forward to July 2014 where I met my awesome trainer Jen Kukel, she took me on as a client and we started to work towards some of my goals–continued weight loss, getting strong and hopefully running my first 5K. In February 2015 I was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), my health and energy declined pretty fast, but Jen kept working with me at whatever I could do that day. I continued to go to the gym because I did not know what was in store for me. After a lot of tests, it was determined that I needed open heart surgery to get my life back. I did not hesitate too long and went ahead with it July 2015. One week later I was back at the gym (walking slowly on the treadmill) and back with the Losers who have been a huge part of my journey. I was able to walk/run my first 5K in December in 40:56! Back now fully recovered and going to the gym as much as possible. We are a family here at the Losers and WOC Fitness that you will NOT find anywhere else. People that care about you, the person!


West OC Gym has been extremely helpful to my recovery. Pete & Bonnie provided a much needed place for me to work on regaining my strength after the accident. When I first started going back to the gym, Bonnie was concerned for my well being and didn’t want me to get hurt. Because of this she requested, to an employee, to watch out to make sure that I didn’t need any help. That is something that no other place would show that type of concern for an individual!

Corey Davis

I have been a work-in-progress for the last decade, working out with Pete (and sometimes Bonnie) Zemo as my trainer. Following double knee replacement surgery in 2002, my physical therapist recommended that I contact Pete for some personal training, and I have been with him ever since, losing about 60 pounds in the process What I love the most about West Ocean City Fitness (WOC Fitness) is the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Whether you are young or old, slim & trim, or short and stout, you feel welcome at WOC Fitness. It has become like a training ‘family’ and I always look forward to my training days. Even if you don’t work with a trainer, they will, if asked, provide you with a trainer to get you started on a programmed path to being healthy. At age 73, I still don’t know what 70 feels like. There’s a place for everyone at WOC Fitness, and I am thankful for them every day!

L. Flather

I really do enjoy the gym. It is very convenient for me because of my work schedule especially this time of year. I did not get a chance to train a lot since I joined, because of my health. However, hopefully I am back on track now. I did tell several friends and coworkers, how awesome this place is.


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